the day that fear died


It might sound a bit dramatic to say, “the year that changed everything.” But it isn’t. 3 years ago at a conference in Banff I took a pill. The pill that ended a lifetime of fear. Here are some thoughts and reflections from today.

When I was 8 years old I received a blood transfusion to stop a Hemophilia related bleed in my knee. That transfusion came from the Canadian Red Cross. However, they bought that blood from the Arkansas State Prison system (of Bill Clinton fame). When you have no testing available (not that they would have used it), things like HIV, Hep C and various other blood born diseases can travel to new countries and to unsuspecting recipients. That day I contracted Hep C. I have since met the other survivors of what is called the ‘tainted blood scandal.’ Out of the thousands infected, there were only 4 that they could name.

So for 30+ years, along with the complications that come from severe hemophilia, I have had liver damage and issues that come with that. This created  fear for the future and uncertainty. In the 80’s doctors would point out a shortened life expectancy, just to keep everyone on their toes.

But that all came to an end. I wanted it to be at an alter call or as the result of an inner healing session, or something else Pentecostal sounding. It came through three pills a day for an extended period of time. The important part is, I believe that it came in God’s timing. The God that sustained my life even though the results of a broken world wanted to shorten it.

I am thankful that I get a chance at a long life with my kids, and my wife. Many in the scandal did not have the same outcome. It takes a lot to share details like this for someone who is a self professed introvert. However, we all need to know that there is hope. No matter where we are there is hope.

The last time I had a scan on my liver, the heptologist reported normal liver function levels and told me not to bother coming back. That is a nice thing to hear.

Be encouraged! God might not have healed you or delivered you from what surrounds you, but He is surely sustaining you. Today is the my anniversary of a new future, a brighter future and a chance to do more with my life than living in fear.



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