Cuba Trip with Jude Fischer


I am lucky enough that my biggest life supporter wanted to pitch in with a blog this week. He had some great thoughts and reflections from our December trip to Cuba that he would like to share. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Jude. This is all what I did in Cuba and before Cuba.
Before Cuba we took a cab to the airport. And our granny and grandpa gave us little activity things for the plane. On the plane we saw the ocean, played a game with our cousin and had lunch.
In Cuba the first day of Cuba we went in the pool. On the second day of Cuba we went to the ocean and the pool. On the third day of Cuba, we went to the beach, the pool and my mom and sister went on a boat. On the fourth day of Cuba it rained. On the fifth day of Cuba my sister went in the water when it was raining. Everyone played water volleyball. And the youngest girl cousin fell off of her moms back cause was trying to catch the ball and without water wings. On the sixth day of Cuba it rained again. Me and buddy played cards for 6 hours, and drank a lot of pop. On the seventh day of Cuba that’s when I was posting this blog and it rained.

Jude Fischer


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