496 things – day 27 mucho musicologists



So we missed a few days this weekend. But don’t fear! Days 26-28 will fit into this post easily! Why do you ask? Because I own too much stuff.

I have always been involved in music, since my brother got me hooked on sound systems and I started drumming. Over the years I have collected WAY to much stuff. I have cymbals I don’t use, are broken, or just too small for modern drumming life. I have multiple sets of drum mics, keyboards, guitar amps, and the list goes on. To go with that there are racks of gear, cables and do dads. I had to break it into piles of things I want to sell and things I want to gift. You will learn more about the gifting later.

With all of the gear I had to come to some realizations. I had to realize that I don’t really need to clutter. I kept the gear for my favourite drum set up, but not much else. If I don’t actually use it, I don’t need it. The just incase moments haven’t come along for years and they might never. Why do we hold on to just incase moments instead of living life now? It doesn’t make much sense.


I also got rid of 26 things over the weekend.  26 mini chocolate bars.  They are no longer cluttering up the pantry.  They are in my belly.


I bought the Costco box of 160 mini chocolate bars. 3 days later the box is 1/4 full. That means that 3/4 of the chocolate bars that were meant for CHILDREN went to Amberley. How in the how do you not have a collection of diabetes?


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