496 things – day 24 random basement things


It’s starting to get harder now. We just wandered around the basement looking for things to add to our pile. Some was easy, like the old paint. Why do people leave this when they move? It’s not kind or helpful. You aren’t doing me a service by leaving all your old paint for me to guess what wall it is for. Now I (actually Michael) have to take it all to SARCAN to recycle. Pro tip: clean up your own paint when you leave.
I have left paint thinking I was being helpful… a better idea is to paint a wall with the paint and throw out the rest. But don’t pour it on the ground.That’s not very climate friendly. In fact I bet it is a really bad idea. So don’t do that.
Also I parted ways with old name plates from desks and doors tonight. That was easier than I thought. I guess the realization that one day I will have another door… and it will come with it’s own name plate is even better than an old name plate. Keep your memories, just not your name plates.


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