496 things – Michael’s clothes


So here is one of the toughest days for me. The last day will be the most cathartic but don’t let that take away from today being tough. Clothing… I have always had a weird relationship with shopping. I am one of those people that would use shopping and spending money as a way to feel better about something. I would separate financial reality from my need to buy something, anything, but usually clothing. When younger, it was a way of fitting in and being individual at the same time. So over the last few years I have had to make some choices to not live like that anymore. Much of it comes from knowing that in Christ I am good enough and don’t need to look elsewhere.
So getting rid of clothes that I don’t wear (and probably paid too much for), while it should be easy, was a little difficult. But do-able. So over a series of time I have worked on creating a capsule wardrobe and limiting what I own and my relationship with shopping and consuming. This has been one of the healthiest things I have done.
I have written a bit about using the capsule wardrobe as a spiritual discipline and encourage you to check that out too.

It is a wonderful thing to know that when you wake up, you have to choose from a black t shirt or a white one. I love it, you will too. You get to the French press about 30 minutes faster in the mornings! At least I seem to.
Either way, I dropped a ton of clothes off to help some people out who really need them. I didn’t need the attachment, I needed to relax in who I am in Christ, not who I am in a ridiculously comfortable pair of Zanrobes.


Amberley is not here so she doesn’t get a chance to comment on this one. BUT I am sure that she would say. “Michael inspires me every day to live better and be more like Jesus. I wish I had a sweet selection of plain t shirts just like him. What a hero! Greta isn’t the hero of our generation, Michael is. Healing the climate crisis, one t shirt at a time.”


That is very kind of you. Thank you. Tonight I will make curry for supper.


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