496 things – day 22, dried up things of Michael’s



The last couple of days I have felt pretty good about the things that we have got rid of. Most of it makes sense. Today, however, I have to own up to holding on to this one for no reason. Yup, that’s right, a container full of old dried up model car paint, glue and supplies. When I was growing up I loved building models! Battleships, jets, cars, tanks, whatever it was I loved to build these things! Once we got cats, it got difficult to build things… those little hairy jerks would come along and knock my stuff over. I felt like I was on a cat reality show where they would wreck things just to see the owner’s response. Then came kids, we all know how that would end. So I just put things away… and held on to them… and they dried up… and I kept them. I kept them just incase I was going to one day build cars with Jude… with my dried up paints. So yea, I guess if I want to build the USS Gonnablowthingsup in the future, I will just buy some new glue. Wow, decluttering is annoying!


I once tried to build a model car with Michael.  I was too impatient and ended up glueing the wiper to my finger and smearing paint on the windows.  Not my thing.



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