496 things – day 20 la garage



Garages are basically storage bins that sometimes share space with automobiles. Most of our neighbours have trouble getting their Model T’s and F500000’s in their garages because of the massive amounts of junk! We aren’t that bad. Both vehicles fit, along with tools, bikes, skates, road cases, drum cases, sound systems, lighting boards… regular garage stuff. I think my biggest frustration with the garage is that it’s a collection of the past owners’ building supplies and now I have to deal with all of someone else’s unfinished projects. In working through the garage I got rid of the following:

  • new bundles of baseboards (10)
  • extra trim boards (5)
  • 2 vacuum hoses for vacuums we don’t own
  • lumber from my finished deck
  • lumber that a friend got rid of and gave to me
  • a tile cutter
  • a tennis racket (I have never played tennis)
  • a laminator


Not my stuff.  Not my problem.  Glad it’s gone.



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