496 things – more kitchen day 18



When you can say that you are returning to the kitchen to get more stuff, there is a problem. Although, I think our kitchen in particular had far too much stuff! This stuff gets in the way from really enjoying the stuff we love. After clearing our pantry, kitchen stuff and then cleaning, we had a great idea. We would break out the china and have a fancy dinner party. That fancy dinner party was all because we could finally get to the china and wanted to celebrate this de-cluttering milestone.



Why have beautiful things sitting in boxes? We are going to use the China.  I found studio pictures of the kids that were waiting in boxes for… when?  I framed them and put them up on the wall.  If we aren’t going to use it, and we aren’t going to display it – then why keep it?  We are getting rid of stuff, but we are gaining focus.




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