496 things – Jude’s broken toys



The kids have been watching us minimize, and on Saturday Jude asked if he could get rid of some more toys he doesn’t play with anymore.  He chose 17 plastic toys.  So many plastic toys fill my basement. Most are junk from The Dollar Store.  It’s stuff they don’t really want and it just breaks after 2 day.  Here is a literal picture of the Dollar Store toys my kids have busted in the past year:



I couldn’t care less if toys come from The Dollar Store, Toys R Us or the very toy shop Santa pumps out millions of copy right infringement toys from each year. Jude still has my lego and it’s going strong! The issue comes in when we just buy and buy and consume and consume because we want more. Then we train our kids to always want more. In the middle of four currents sits 20 million square miles of plastic garbage… in our ocean. This is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I am pretty sure that most climate control ideas are ridiculous and won’t work. BUT what we can do is control our trash and consumption habits. If we teach our kids that less is more, we might be able to make a difference. PS. I am not team Greta.



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