496 things -day 16 – cest un kitchen pantry



As previously mentioned, I am not tidy.  I am messy.  But, the pantry is one area I try to keep reasonable.  I had it organized by function (baking with baking, cans with cans…).  Michael came in and “re-organized” it.  By size.  That’s right.  By size.  So, by the time we started purging it looked like this:


We took 16 things out of there, including:

  • A juicer
  • Cheese cloth
  • a ton of plastic bags
  • Tupperware lids that have no container


Organizing by size works in many different forums. In school pictures do they go by type of kid? No, you can’t say, hyper kids in the back and calm kids in the front. You organize by size. Inside a Russian nesting doll what make the most sense? Size. These are two highly effective pieces of history and society. I encourage you to organize your pantries properly, by size!


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