496 Things – Day 11 – Michael’s Randoms



Here is where getting rid of things gets a little more difficult. Things I like and I don’t see how it’s hurting anyone for it to exist in the closet. What if I need the memories that come with it?… wait, never mind. Here is the list.

3 Baseball posters… if you are a dude you had sports posters! They were tacked to the wall and were awesome. The problem is, I can guarantee they aren’t going up in my adult house next to my fancy adult things (because Amberley says so).

1 Record player – this was given to me by my friends Levi and Stefani, I love it. But since we moved it hasn’t worked right. So I am passing it on to someone who can do the work needed to make it awesome again. Good memories!

2 Drum brackets… for my 12 piece drum kit? Nope, Rush isn’t cool.

1 Baseball – I don’t like the Blue Jays and their autographs are dumb too.

3 Wayne Gretzky things – I named my first car ‘Lil Wayne Gretzky’, 100 points if you know what that car was.

1 Watch – I have a few, I am only keeping two. This one was kinda special because it came from kind people at the church. I am going to pass the kindness along. That way it is still useful.


When I met Michael his apartment was wall-to-wall memorabilia (mostly Stryper). He loves to have his stuff displayed.  I know this one was hard for him.  But at the same time … there will not be ugly posters hanging in my living room.


If you want any of it let me know, you have 3 days.

  • two drum hardware brackets
  • Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Dave Justice posters
  • Wayne Gretzky oilers book, action figure

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