496 Things – day 10 – the specials



This has nothing to do with the ska band.


The Specials was a ska band?  I only listen to the OC Supertones.

Anyways, these are some of my treasures.

  1. Old photo albums.  I went through these old albums and took out the 1/2 dozen pictures I actually wanted and threw the rest away.
  2. A year book.  Michael and I each had one.  I kept mine, since it actually had signatures and well wishes in it.
  3. A glass used as a centre piece at our wedding.  There was no alcohol, but we used the fancy glasses for candles.
  4. An audio recording of our wedding …. why did we ever have this?


Let me interpret this list of “special things” for you all.

  1. These were those super puffy albums that looked like they were part creepy doll and part text book.
  2. This pretty sums up our Bible College journey together 20191007_215337
  3. Pentecostals aren’t allowed to talk about alcohol…
  4. Wow! Also our wedding video was over dubbed with piano music… now we have a complete set!



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