496 things – day 9 – good intentions



So much of my clutter is good intentions.  Projects I will get to … eventually.  Things that fit into a life I will have … someday.  Today included brackets to build this super cute, Pinterest-worthy, book shelf that was going to go in Jude’s nursery, a cross-stitch blankie to start after I finished my current stitching project (target completion date:  Christmas 2021), a fancy table cloth (for my fancy dinners?) and other odds and ends.  I have a great life now.  I don’t need to store things for the ‘someday’.


Speaking of fancy dinner parties. There was that one episode of The Office, Michael and Jan held a dinner party and it was epic! Probably the best episode of The Office ever! Ever! Also, I didn’t know any of that stuff existed until we looked in boxes under the stairs, but I am willing to write about The Office.




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