496 things – Day 7 – Jude’s selfless picks


Michael: Here are my boy’s picks. For clarity, he cried for three days when we replaced our stove (as a three year old), and has kept (until recently) every tooth brush he ever had… he is a hoarder. Here are his picks, and it might sound fairly sarcastic but these are really big steps for him!

Item 1 and 2 – A broken sword and shield combo. I think he was disappointed when he realized they were plastic and not actual metal to begin with.

Item 3 – A broken plane. In fairness he did buy it broken from ValueVillage a long long time ago. But it’s a big deal because it was the first thing he ever spent his own money on!

Item 4 – A random Dinosaur.

Item 5 – A pilots hat that doesn’t fit.

Item 6 – A truck that he LOVED when he was little. He said that “another 3 year old is going to have the time of his life with this one.” I love that he wants to pass it on, not discard.

Item 7 – Jude’s French sight word book. He is supposed to be going through these each night … but the rule was ANYTHING that you want to pass on to someone else. He is done learning from that book I guess. This is where clear rules to the game would be better.



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