496 things – Day 5 – Ida’s picks



We wanted to get the kids involved in our purge.  Why?

  1. It’s important for the kids to learn that stuff is just stuff, and we have too much of it.
  2. If we really want to teach the kids about Creation care, I believe that step one is helping them understand that we have to consume less.  Recycling is good, but not buying to begin with is better.
  3.  I was really curious what she would pick … considering this is her life …



Today this child handed me a stack of used Tim’s cards… used. Not ours, and not full. Used Tim’s cards. She could possibly be a hoarder in the making. Everything is a treasure and held tightly in one of her random purses. I was surprised at her picks and at the same time not at all. She holds grudges and hoards.

Item 1 – A barbie table, Barbie doesn’t like it. Enough said.

Item 2 – A barbie pony… so this one is a trouble maker and has been part of many of Ida’s narratives. She causes tension with the other identical Barbie pony. So this has probably been a long time coming. Plus the other one is easier to ride… her words not mine.

Item 3 – a mini mouse car. no mini mouse… just the car.

Item 4 – I have no idea who this is or where it came from.

Item 5 – Again I have no idea what this is. It looks like a tiny pulpit?



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