496 Things – Day 4 – 4 Things



Day 4 – 4 Ball Caps. To begin with, I don’t need to wear a cap. I have great hair. I choose to wear a cap. That just needed to be said! But I have a lot of caps. Some are sentimental, some are gifts and some are useful. But why do I need so many? I blame my dad, he always had a lot of caps and so it is probably genetic. But I chose 4 to get rid of. A black braves cap that Ida ripped the sticker off of… no longer cool. A vintage braves cap I found at value village once… fits weird. An NHC cap that is orange and blue. Orange and blue. Enough said. And a MAGA cap. I bought this for Amberley. She refuses to wear it. I have no idea why. This one was a bit tougher for me. Hats have souls, unlike blankets.


You have one head.  You need one hat.  I have one cap for camping.  It is from the “B” team (I don’t know its real name.  I picked it because Michael’s cap had an A on it).



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