the TGIF list … another week gone …


Growing up, we would gather together and watch TGIF every Friday night. Full House, Perfect Strangers and of course Family Matters. It was the sign to the universe that the weekend was here and you could brush off all the stress and annoyances of week. Parents forgot about work and kids forgot about homework.

When I woke up this morning, I thought “hey it’s Friday, that’s great news!”, but not because it was a bad week or annoying or stressful. It was because there were so many chances, opportunities, ideas, thoughts, smiles, laughs and moments filled with hope.

Despite what federal elections, American politics, and fear filled news casts tell you, life is still good. Even when it doesn’t seem good, all of those things and people are borrowing space and earth from the creator. All things exist because of God and His powerful presence. Negative emotions and situations only gain power when we give them attention. It’s like negative or sneaky people, eliminate them from your life and watch how your attitude and outlook on life changes.

When we hit our weekend stride, let’s reflect back on how amazing God was. Some weeks you have to dig a bit harder than others, but give it a try for a month or so. What new ideas, connections, and growth did you see in your life? I will give you a quick example in my brag list:

  • finished a course – got great mark
  • received another great mark for another assignment
  • did some self reflection (difficult for a #7 enneagram)
  • organized my schedule and realized that I am pretty booked up with speaking gigs between now and Christmas
  • was told I am going to Cuba on a family trip (during snow season!!!!)
  • asked to be an advocate for my bleeding disorder
  • kids reasonably well behaved (after I took away tv)
  • got lettuce to grow in just water (it’s amazing, try it)
  • cleaned out email box
  • won a grant for school
  • multiple job prospects that I wasn’t looking for
  • I made my finest curry yet this week!
  • the snow is going to wait until I get my sprinklers blown out and lawn mowed
  • realized I have a weekend with my family

Make a list! It’s easy, maybe a slick moleskin note book will help you. However you slice it, being thankful is the new Friday routine, let’s make it a thing!




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