What is the Gospel?


What is the gospel? Or, how do you understand the gospel? We all assume we get it, and understand what the good news was all about. But there are many different realities when it comes to how we live it out.

Some think the good news is that we get to escape to heaven when we die, leaving those dirty sinners behind. Some think it means that their sins are forgiven and that’s it. Some consider it license to either sin more or judge the sins of the masses. Maybe…

Let me go ahead and over simplify things by saying this… Let’s not forget that the gospel of Jesus was that He came to give sight to the blind, hope to the heart and give us something special to live for her on the earth. The gospel is a bright and beautiful thing. It is the end of judgement and frustration instead of the beginning of it. When we come in contact with the world around us, our job isn’t to remind them of their pain and awkwardness in life, it is to show them the freedom and healing of the saviour.

Shine on this weekend.


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