We Can Do Better Than This!


I don’t often make political statements or jump in on  world issues, so I will keep this short today. There were mass shooting in mosques in New Zealand yesterday. The land that gave us Flight of the Conchords and Short Poppies.

In society we are proving that we have the ability to progress and that things can get better. Science and medicine are improving life spans and health, we know more about our God created universe than ever before and we have the ability to microwave a burrito at a moments notice.

So why the why do people still shoot each other based on discrimination and racism? We can do better than this! Theological arguments aside, I don’t care what you call God or where in a journey you are with Him, learn to love and respect life because it is life. We were given the task of royal stewardship when God created us in His image, we are to take care of one another and our planet… we can do better than this. Just do better.


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