Digital Prayer & Should I Care?


For years I have found myself using only certain models of prayer that were comfortable for me and my lifestyle.  I would balance between my Oxford book of prayer, various lectionaries, soaking prayer, listening prayer and even old fashioned prayer meetings.  But the last while I have been noticing and have been intrigued by a few digital horizon expanders. I want to share three apps that have given some new dimensions to my prayer life.

Inner Room. Inner Room is a prayer app that helps you track your prayers and even remember to pray. If you are a person that is always on the go and always on your phone, this app might be what you are looking for. It is birthed out of the 24/7 prayer movement at HTB London. I first heard about this on a tweet by Pete Greig. Click here for more info.

IHOP in Kansas City has a prayer room app. Not the pancakes, if you want food this will really disappoint you. I am not sure I know of a church or movement that fasts more than these guys… so not pancakes! Here is what I like about this app, you get free access to watch the 24/7 prayer room in Kansas. I like to have this on in the background during pray times and even just as background noise. It sounds strange but my heart is stirred to pray more often when the atmosphere I am in is already focussed on Jesus. Some of the most amazing times of worship that you can be a part of from a distance, happen here. I will admit, I do squint my ears from time to time because of the American politics … but I love this app.

Soultime. This app took me by surprise. It is like Headspace but better. I liked headspace but wanted to be focussing on Jesus instead of nothing so stopped using it… then along comes Soultime and changes everything. This is the Christian meditation app I didn’t know I was missing. I have only used it a few times but spending concentrated time with Jesus in the mornings has been a ritual for me for years and this app has become part of that time. I noticed this app on one of Bill Johnson’s Instagram posts and from there hit download. I even found their website useful.

You don’t have to love the theology of a church or movement in order to check out their apps. You just need to have an open heart and willingness to get close to Jesus. IF it is true and we are busier now than ever before, maybe some prayer apps will help you on your journey.


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