The Fischer Family is packing up

As many of you know, the Fischers are not super public people. But we do have some news to share with those who were not in church two weeks ago. That news is that we are going to be moving from Medicine Hat.

Why? For the last long while we have felt that our time planting NHC has come to and end. We have also felt that it is not our job to grow it or determine her future. So over a long period of time and much council from people we trust, we have decided to move on. It is always a good and rare thing to move on in ministry when times are good and God is doing a great work. This has not been an easy decision to make because we love our church and consider everyone as family.

Where? Amberley and I will be moving to Saskatoon (obviously Jude and Ida are coming too). The place we met, went to college and fell in love. It is a city that has always been close to our hearts. What we will be doing there will be slightly different than NHC, as I am moving from a church planter role back to an established church. I have accepted a position at a church with a great name, The Neighbourhood Church. I will be serving in an associate role and leading in areas that are a great fit. Amberley will also have more freedom to be involved in ministry and work at a slower pace. So this is a great move for our family.

Over the next few weeks I will still be preaching at NHC and you can stop in and say hi. I will also be commuting until the Medicine Hat house sells and the family can come and join me full time. During this transition time, Amberley will still be around every other weekend at NHC to help where ever she is needed. I also know that the guys coming in to help with the transition time are amazing, that makes this easier!

For those of you who pray, we could use lots over this season for the family as we transition and then as well for NHC. There are always struggles that happen during these times and she could use your wisdom and support!

So with that said, if you are in Alberta, lets grab a coffee soon! and if you are a friend from SK… the Fischers will see you soon!

Michael and Amberley


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