The Greatest Leaders


The greatest leaders I know are not loud, published, or televised attention seekers. They don’t push their teachings or wisdom on people who are looking for a supernatural saviour and significant life change. They would never make it onto a list of ‘high capacity leaders’. They don’t assume that their name will carry them through life or instantly patch up their mistakes. They won’t even assume their name gets them perks or new opportunities.

There is no arrogance in a real leader. They don’t assume that you need them. They aren’t everywhere, all the time. They don’t give you the answers to all your questions, they tell you to dig deeper. They don’t spend more time on instagram and Facebook than they do studying and praying. They also don’t instagram themselves praying in their prayer closet… that should go without saying.

Instead these are the leaders that walk humbly and powerfully. Their life reflects reality, instead of a cloak of assumed moralistic behaviour that is really just hiding insecurity. They own their mistakes and work hard to be more like Jesus. They laugh easily, cry and rejoice when needed. They protect their time and their relationships with their families. They set boundaries and show you how to develop your Christianity for yourself. They don’t get excited about small problems or large catastrophes. They refuse tangents and trends that pull away from being Christ-centric.

These are the leaders I learn the most from. They have learned the art of remaining in the vine and letting God bring the increase. They learned a long time ago that talent and gifting are temporary and only go as far as God lets them. These leaders are truly leading because they are being led by Jesus everyday.

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