Make America Great Again


Ok, so you just fell into one of three categories. 1. You are a concerned that I would write about this topic and want to warn me to take this post down. (for that friends I love you all) 2. You want to make America great again. 3. You are Canadian and as confused as I am about everything you read and watch.

So yea, consider the title click bate. I have no huge opinion on this topic. Sure, I read the lyrics for the song that is now considered worship and listed with CCLI. I personally do not get how making America great again has anything to do with Jesus Christ, the Son of God and creator of the Universe.

But I do know this, we have been arguing about this non-sense or supporting this stuff for a weird, long time. Can we not just focus on Jesus commandments, to love our God with all our hearts and love our neighbours as ourselves? If we want to make the most of the second half of this year, we can do it by getting close to Jesus and showing other people how to join us. Minimize the stuff that clutters our theologies and lives and focus up.

It is true, Canadians are not as nationalistic as Americans. Our porches are not casting shadows for three blocks with our flags. With that said, I live in a glass house and might not be a great Canadian. I will be the first to admit that I only enjoy watching hockey if it means I get to hang out with my dad. I met a moose once in a camp site… and was terrified. I was so scared at the size of the thing that I thought of giving it my wallet incase it was some sort of heist. I greatly dislike being cold. I also prefer soccer to both American and Canadian football. I can however  tell you this, I love Canada. So love your country to what ever degree you must and do, but please please please, love Jesus more.


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