60 minutes to overcome persecution


When you go to the gym you have a goal in mind. For most people that goal is to build muscle. For some it is to sit in the hot tub or pick up chicks, luckily I don’t go to a meat market gym. My gym is for old guys trying not to have heart attacks.

If you are looking to better yourself through building muscle, you go through a series of exercises. These exercises are designed to hurt you. Yes hurt you! You might not realize it at the time, but tiny tears are happening in your muscles. These tears will materialize as sore muscles over the next couple of days. The important part comes next, taking care of that sore muscle. One of my trainer friends told me that the 60 minutes following a tear is the most important time for nutrition. If you do not have a firm recovery procedure you are probably not going to get the results you are looking for and end up in more pain. Muscle soreness is normal, that is how you know you are accomplishing something. But it doesn’t have to stay sore for as long as it has the potential to. During the 60 minutes following the tear, I am told to get as much protein into my system as I can! It is what the muscles need to heal properly and grow stronger. It is all about the 60 minutes!

When you walk through life and face push back or persecution for many reasons including our faith, what do you do? We should of course hesitate when calling a light Canadian pushback persecution. Don’t raise a banner of war against a post Christian society thinking that everyone cares… but that is for another day. When actual push back happens in life; your car breaks down, lose your job, are mocked or pushed around for your faith. Maybe you are even having one of those years that seems like your once controlled life, morphed into sand and is slipping through an hour glass. Each grain of time is slipping into an abyss endless and unseen…. At the end of it all you end up feeling like a victim and like nothing is going to get better. You might even have a mantra of ‘now is not forever… because now sucks’. If any of this rings a bell, this is for you.

You have 60 minutes to decide if you are going to get bitter or get better. If you are going to let circumstances rob your joy from you. Remember Job in the Bible? Everything, and I mean everything was taken from him and he got up the next day and praised God. Peter and John, thrown into prison for talking about Jesus and they praised God. Your 60 minutes following pushback is your chance to praise or plummet. If you want to build your spiritual stamina and emotional ability to handle what life throws at you, you have to choose praise and find the angle to look at the hour glass as half full and not half empty.

Praise your attitude into complying with how you should be feeling. Take your problems to God in prayer and stop doing life alone. It is the times where we eliminate God from discussion that we feel alone. Discussing with the voices in your head is still a one way conversation! 60 minutes will make the rest of your day a better place for you and those who have to live with you.

Remember you are in charge of your own attitudes, no one else, no circumstances can make you feel like anything. You need to choose your emotions. This week, you will find push back of some sort. In those moments, prayer, praise and thank God for what you do have. You will be amazed at how quickly your outlook changes. Even as quickly as 60 minutes.

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