Trinitarian Smiles and Tea Parties

pablo.pngI like to envision the trinity as three wise, similar, yet different elderly gentlemen sitting around a table having tea and discussing us. They would be in an outdoor garden that for some reason is lined with book shelves. There would be birds, maybe a rabbit – no cats though. They would talk about the hopes and dreams they have for us, the paths they are setting up, and then watch with excitement as we begin to walk through those open doors. They rejoice when they hear our exciting news and restrain themselves from squashing our enemies when we are wronged. This tea party would be our greatest cheerleading session if we could ever see it.

I know at this point, some of you are writing down all the theological inaccuracies in what I just said. I get it, I could make a list too. But that doesn’t mean that I would feel any differently. Here is how I came to this mental picture that brings me a huge smile. First let us understand that God is good. I can’t stop thinking that God is for us. Because He is! He loves us so much. He is not angry, does not cause pain or strife and doesn’t try to kill off people because they don’t agree with all of the tenants of the Christian faith. If you have read anything by Zahnd, Jersak or even Bill Johnson lately it just all confirms that God is Good! You might be put off because it sounds kind of Disney-esq. Well… I have two small kids, Disney-esq is what we do in my house. You might also think it sounds too much like the Shack… I also liked the Shack, and am ok with that.

Here is how I come to this mental image.

While working on a series of sermons which includes the coming of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I started thinking about the different faces or personalities of God that have interacted with man.

God interacted with the likes of Adam, Eve and Moses (to name a few), through both dramatic and casual occurrences. Adam and Eve got to walk with God in the garden, they visited and enjoyed the cool breeze of paradise together. Who doesn’t like the idea of a nice cold drink, the summer sun and a cool breeze. Try adding a conversative relationship with God to that picture! It is almost too much! Moses had a slightly different relationship. His relationship dealt mainly with conversations through fire and a historically more dramatic picture. God was there in a leading, guiding sense. This leading and guiding is how He poured out His love on us.

Jesus came next. He was born here and interacted with people on a daily basis. His style has always been portrayed as a bit more laid back when dealing with us mortals. He was coaching, helping, guiding and showing us that there is a better way. He ate, drank and built relationships. He offered suggestions for the most part, hoping that we would grab the ideas and make them part of our hearts. After all, as the God that designed us, I am sure He knows what’s best.

When Jesus left and flew into the clouds, there was probably a momentary panic. I mean, how can we deal without God, Jesus or another member of this ultimate tea party. But Jesus promised, the third member would come. He even bragged about what an amazing fit He would be for us. This new guy has the goal in mind to help us find Jesus, show other people how to find Jesus and even help us become more like Jesus.

So the Holy Spirit comes in Acts 2. He is called the Fullness. Everything we thought we needed from God is wrapped up inside the Holy Spirit. Our paraclete, or helper. Here to make sure we are empowered to get the job done of showing hope to the entire world.

If you look at the spread of three unique dieties, they all have similar traits. They are all concerned about making sure we are reaching our full potential and living a life worthy of our calling. They are concerned with our daily interactions and our ups and downs. They especially love us so much, that they don’t want us to stay the way we are, but want us to become more like Jesus (the member of the 3 that wears skin).

My picture of the the members of the trinity is simply a reflection of what my heart is looking for in my relationship with a higher power. A God that is excited about how much time I spend with Him in prayer. How much attention I give Him at home and how I model my dedication in every day life. If your view of God is more angry or judgemental, that might be a reflection of how you view your relationship with Him. I encourage you to spend time today, right now even, thinking about the good things God has done in your life. The times He has been there when you did not expect it. The moments you felt extreme joy that could only come from Him. Reflect and look inside, how does that make you feel? Can you see the tea party? Can you see them telling stories about how much they love hearing from you. They are there, having tea and smiling right now.


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