Week one down (H2)

So for those of you following along with my journey with Hep C & getting cured of this ridiculous disease, this post is for you.

To catch you up, one week ago I started my medication for curing Hep C. The nurses and care network have been amazing. They answered many odd questions and are making sure I feel supported. The team at the church have acted like a paid church staff army not volunteers fuelling a vision. It has been amazing to see the amount of support I have been given! I am watching people live out the term ‘above and beyond’.

So side effects have already shown up. I have not hit all of them on the list but I have experienced some of them. I have been really tired for the last few days which has of course made me super grumpy. I feel like I have had to apologize to everyone in a 10 ft radius for just being around me. Several times I have had conversations with people while wondering why I am reacting poorly, all in real time. Very strange!

Here is an example of the fatigue level. I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night. In fact, directly after putting Jude to bed I went and started getting ready for bed myself. I was asleep by 9 and slept through until 7am (I am usually up for 5:45 am). I had breakfast and then drove Amberley to work and the kids to day care. Then I realized that I forgot my laptop bag and went home to grab that, at this time I have been awake for roughly 1.5 hrs… but needed to have a nap. I got to work for 11am, put in a few hours doing some video work with a videographer for an upcoming project. It is 3pm now while I am typing this, and I am so ready for bed! I have studying to do tonight, but I cannot wait to either have a nap or get some sleep!

Until this time frame of medication, I have never understood the concept of fatigue! Of course over the years people have explained fatigue to me and like any good listener I pretended to understand what they were going through. I have been sluggish for years due to Hep C, but never have I reached levels like this. Whatever I thought fatigue was, I was completely mistaken. If you suffer from fatigue, I get you now! I could not imagine doing this for more than the 3 months.

The best and not worst part of all of that is that I know it is only for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, life should begin to change drastically and my liver will have a fighting chance. That is more important to my family than it is for me! The outcome will be amazing!

Thanks for reading and praying with me during this journey. If you want to check out the first post in this session check out this blog.

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