A New Journey (H1) November 17th


We often use blog space to give our two cents on religion or politics. It is a great space to talk about our strengths and all the victories in life. I am going to share something different for a while. I am going to share a weakness with you.

Today marked a brand new day for everyone as we woke up, but for me it marked a new journey. Today with the swallowing of 3 tiny pills, I started a journey that I have ignored the relevance of for many years.

Flashback to the mid 80’s. A time when blood transfusions were not screened as they are now. A time when blood was sold from the American prison system into our very own blood supply. A time when ignorance was acceptable, and those who spoke out were ignored as fanatics. During this time I received one of those blood transfusions that left a lasting mark on my bodies ability to handle life. I was left with chronic Hep C, a disease that would begin attacking my liver from that day on. If you think that your liver is not important… you are wrong. It regulates many functions of normal life!

For many years I did not realize that I had Hep C. It wasn’t until many years after infection that my family received a letter explaining the large scale mistake that occurred. All of the symptoms began making sense the older I got. Always feeling tired, sometimes confused, grumpy, sometimes discontent and perpetually nauseous. There are many stories between today and 1988, but those will come another day.

Many months ago I learned that the cure was available. Then I found out that it would be available to me. Then yesterday a box showed up… a box full of pills with a huge promise attached to them. The promise of freedom from the disease. These tiny pills mark a massive journey for me. A journey to begin a life with one less thing to worry about. A journey where I am less concerned about leaving earth early and getting a chance to always be there for my kids.

So why am I blogging about this?  That is simple. This is a big deal to me.This is my blog.  Going through this might be difficult. It does come with side effects. But this journey is happening now for what ever reason God has ordained it, and I get to walk through it. If that is something interesting to you and you would like to pray during this journey or have coffee and chat about something similar you are going through, cool. Follow my blog and join the discourse. Even leave a comment and let me know you are following along. Over the next long while I will be posting about this often!


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