A changed world


At one point or another, we have all said that we want to change the world. It is hard to imagine doing this by ourselves. In fact, it might be nearly impossible in execution. Even Jesus could not change the world by himself. I know, I know, insert theological arguments here. But it’s true, God created us to live a life of service and prayer then empowered us with the Holy Spirit to go and do the work. So I want to tell you one thing to do this week to change the world. Something so simple and even cost efficient.

BUT let’s start with the opposite, how to NOT change the world. Live for yourself and keep focused on you and your own happiness. I bet we have all lived there. When I was young I was focussed on me, music, being cool, girls and other 20 year old things. This came out through my lifestyle and the peoples lives I took down with me. I guess I could say that I did change the world… just for the worse. What if we never went through these phases and were always focussed on eternal goals? What if we could skip the seasons of hoarding love. After all when we hoard love, it is because we need to fill holes in our own hearts that are void of warmth and gentleness.  That is where our selfishness comes from.

So that’s what not to do. If you are still there… wake up. You are loved and made for more than this. If you are like me and that is behind you, do a happy dance and go to step two.

How do we change the world? One sentence for the week, year and millennium. By throwing love at all the sin and injustice we can possibly find. Throw love when you tip, wave, smile, pray, step up, interject, and add advice. That is what Jesus did, he tossed love and blocked the shots that sin was taking at peoples lives. The reality is, by living for something bigger than ourselves and throwing love along side others, we get so much love in return. Remember throwing love is different than throwing tomatoes or slander.

Ask these questions to go further.

How does your life long agenda line up with Jesus mission that he asked us to join?

Are we loving even though there could be a punch coming in return?

Are we showing love so we get a return on our investment?


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