Pour some sugar on me

Ok, so we are talking about pouring water, but a chance to reference Def Leppard should always be taken.

Paul talks to the Corinthian church folk about planting and watering. I love love love that he made that distinction between the two phases! Here he is referring to the seed in our hearts. But consider for a moment how many seeds are probably in our hearts. Seeds that could literally change the world have already been planted. But how are we watering those seedlings?

It is no secret that healthy people are more active, but that leads me to believe (in my non existent understanding of plant growth) that healthy plants grow stronger. If we just simply plant something and then ignore it… it will never grow. This brings us dead lawns in front of our houses and flower beds filled with nothing but good intentions.

So how about the dreams in your heart? Are we watering those?

Here are some tips on how to water the dreams inside your heart this week. We might as well admit that inside all of us there is un tapped potential! What if that potential was released?

  1. Pray and invite Jesus to walk directly into that dream! A crazy thought, but God is just as interested in your 9-5 dreams as He is your Sunday dreams.
  2. Speak positively about your dream AND stop people from speaking negatively! it takes some guts, but it is worth it.
  3. Invest the right energy into your dream. If you burn yourself out, you are not going to accomplish anything!
  4. Find ways to invest in the dreams of others. This opens the door for them to invest into your hearts ambitions.
  5. Prepare for the future by learning from the best. The internet has made it so easy to be mentored by the best without having ever met them. Cyber stalk great leaders on twitter, instagram and what ever comes next. Find out what they are reading, listening to and talking about. Maybe they drink really inspirational coffee every day. Might as well drink it too.
  6. Bring people around your dreams! Remember that team work makes the dream work. It takes a village to raise a child and so on. There are hundreds of cliches out there, pick your favourite and let it motivate you. The bottom line is we need people around us helping with the heavy lifting.

If you found this blog helpful please share it! You can also check out a message I preached with much more detail on the Neighbourhood Church Vimeo Page.

reference 1 Corinthians 3:5-15


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