So Angry

Do you know what makes me angry? Everything! Meet the new mantra of Christianity. There is an abused contextual justification for almost anything. Racism, superiority, classism, sexism and what ever else the old boys club holds on to. 

We can have two self proclaimed Jesus lovers in the same room, using the same scriptures, both wanting God to win… But on two sides of the coin. However, how we view God comes out in how we stand up for him. We are always looking to replicate our creator, we are after all made in his image. 

But please please please please, when claiming a God of love as whom you serve, do not avenge him with hate. Stand up for him through your love and acceptance. For some this sounds a lot like ignoring sin and accepting some sort of new world order. I get it, kinda. But your voice will be much greater if you’re not known for doom and gloom but instead hope. Making Jesus famous is important. But he is a hero not a villain. 


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