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redefine.001.jpg1 Samuel 16 speaks of the story of David. A would be musician and farmer turned king. David had an experience with Samuel the prophet that redeemed his life from farmerisms through the power of God’s anointing. The hard work came in when David had to redefine who he was.  He spent time killing giants, bears, lions, and then exorcizing demons with his harp. Sounds like a fairly normal life for a teenager to me. But after many years of redefining he was finally ready to sit on the throne as king of Israel.

Redefining who we are as individuals is an essential part of progressing and maturing in life. The process begins when our lives are redeemed by Christ but we need to put in the hard work of redefining who we are. It not only makes us better at life but helps create disciplines in our spirituality.

Here are some helpful tips to redefining who you are in 2016.

  1. Do everything you do for the glory of God. (1 Cor 10:23/ Col 3:23) When you do the mediocre with joy towards God, you are putting your life on mission.
  2. Decide to make 2016 your best friend. Make the most of every opportunity, conversation and commitment that comes your way.
  3. Pick a song that defines your year. Maybe it’s fight song or maybe something more reflective. Either way it will help you keep focused on down days. Just put on your theme song and take on the day!
  4. Choose joy and don’t let anyone steal it from you. You control the gates to the joy in your life and living from a place of smiles is a good place to start. Plus it is contagious and will create a happier surrounding for the daily grind.

Every year we are redefining who we are. It might be a good idea to redefine on purpose, with purpose for a purpose.

I went into more detail in a talk at Neighbourhood Church. Click Here to check out the video from that session.



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