Discounting Creativity

We are built with many passions, ideas, desires and creativities. When we make statements like “that’s for the artistic people” or “I am just not creative”, we are really discounting God’s design. Our heart beat for life was designed by the creator and therefore powered by his very spiritual force inside our lives. When we say that our creativity outlet (which we know as worship) must look a certain way… maybe we are insulting the very fabric God put inside of us and putting strange expectations on it that were never meant to be there.

When you create, write, think, process, build, sing, play, engage… know that it’s coming from a deeper place with in you. There is a creative element that is trying to connect with the creator God himself, through the Holy Spirit which was deposited inside all of us.

Create on friends! Don’t discount your creativity or anyone elses, it is in a way discounting the creator of the creation that is currently creating.


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