We The Church


We, together, team, inclusive and so on. There is something great about we. When President Obama gives a speech all we see is him. What we miss is the thousands putting hours and hours into that speech, as well as advisors, lobbyists opinions and on and on. So often there is a giant WE attached to most elements in society.

In scripture the Apostle Paul wrote many big letters but when we read a bit closer we see that there is often an inclusive WE at the beginning of these letters. 1 Corinthians includes Sosthenes, 2 Corintians includes Timothy and even Galatians includes “all the brethren here with me”. Team is so essential, even when your writing the new testament.

Let’s consider Jesus and the church. Jesus constantly walked along searching for the next member of we. He wanted to add people from all walks of life to His supernatural legacy on earth, the church. The church is so amazing because a huge part of it is God saying I don’t want you to be alone. We is apparent in our first interactions with God in Genesis when He said “let us make man in our image” and “to be like us”.(Gen 1:26) God has always thought in the sense of we, because God is a we.

We comes along in it’s first example as the church right after the great commission is giving in Matthew 28. Jesus comes along and tells the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower you and then we see what happens as the church is born in Acts 2. People gather, then they gather, then they spend the rest of their lives gathering together. Together they lived a life of discipleship and learning. Together as we.

The togetherness of church is so important to God that we get scripture concepts of weddings and marriage prep, but even in Proverbs 6 we get a picture of this. There is a list  in verses 16-19 of the things God detests, and the last one is one who sows discord in a family. That is huge! God cares so much about togetherness that someone who works at breaking that up is detestable! Think about Judas, he was a member of we. He tried to sow discord and was destroyed. We need to always be building, not tearing down! Trying to pry apart or separate something God is building is such a huge mistake!

When we work alone we accomplish very little but together we can be something amazing inside of we and inside this great we called the church. Imagine all the potential you have, mixed with your friends potential, mixed with their friends potential, almost unstoppable! That is the we of church. Imagine the legacy of church that can be built!

So what does it look like to build we? Think about Acts 2. Building we can be as simple as eating a meal with friends and discussing this blog. It can be calling up a friend who has a busy life and asking what you can do to help out. It can be dropping off a gift card for a meal, it can even be writing a nice note to someone who could use encouragement! Let’s practice we this week and build!


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