A Neighbourhood Church Prayer

This was one of the very first documents that was crafted as neighbourhood church. Not an agenda, not a strategy, not a system… just simply a prayer. Posting this as a reminder to myself and hope you enjoy it.

“Thank you for trusting me with your mission on earth. Thank you for making me part of the history you are writing for your church. Give me clean hands and a humble heart as I move forward representing you to my neighbours.

God, help me to focus on your Son, help me to point people to Him everyday of my life. Let me be more full of your Spirit today, than ever before. Give me wisdom as I share the good news in both word and deed. Help me to understand that this good news is for everyone. Help me to not let the vision of the church become diluted, help me stay strong in intent and purpose.

Help me to recognize what You are doing in our city and keep my ears open to what You are saying to me personally and to our church.

I pray for the ministries in our city that are digging in beside us and helping those who cannot help themselves. Give me strength to come beside them and hold up their arms.

Help me build a community that lives, loves and laughs together. God, build my faith strong, as I pray and we see prayer answered in my life and in my church and for my neighbours. I will give you the honour and the glory for it all.

Bring us to a place where we are leading in creativity in our city, set us as a light on a hill. Give me the strength to make your Son famous above all else. God, we will keep our promise and dedication to your gospel and take it to all the world. We pray for wisdom and passion as we plant more churches in the years to come.

God, in our dealings with others in the neighbourhood and those on the outside, give me your eyes of grace and mercy and help me not to judge sin and hold that against them.

God help us keep casual, help us to not exclude those around us and always be welcoming just as your Son was welcoming. God let our mantra always be ‘welcome home’



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