3 years of challenge and change

We often hear that change is the only variable, I’m not sure anyone would argue that.
Today while struggling through a 2 hour bed time routine for the 3rd night in a row with either a screaming 2 year old… Or a screaming 4 month old, I had success. My success to any mom sounds ridiculous, but I was able to get the 4 month old to sleep on my own. I know I know…big deal. While my daughter fell asleep I was thinking back to 4 years ago.
4 years ago life looked very different. I was spending 5 nights a week doing ministry, finishing a degree and spending every minute of my spare time trying to further my ministry career. I think I spent more time trying to keep people happy than putting family and sanity in balance. I would chase every complaint, I would tend to every little squeaky wheel and bend to what was always expected of me. Sadly to the detriment of my life in balance with God. Then that variable kicks in, good ole change. Back then I never thought I would have a great family to put first, I would have just kept being selfish. Then I thought marriage was just doing ministry with your wife, not having a real relationship with her.
Having these two balls of love, energy and confusion have really put my life into balance. They have made me respect Amberley more than ever, made me protect personal time, made me balance a healthy work – home balance. Without children I don’t think I would have come to this realization. This challenge doesn’t mean you work less, you just work smarter. Read when you can, meet with people when you can, and not run redundant programming just to build your ego. The ego part is any time you can brag about how much you do for God, and by God we usually just mean ourselves. Sooooo with all that said, babies are sleeping …. And even though you guys can’t read… Thank you for changing my life.


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