Breakfast with friends challenege

Breakfast with friends – here are some thoughts from last weeks teaching at Neighbourhood Church and a challenge for all of us!
In john 21 we see Jesus displaying an incredible feast in front of his disciples. Then giving the physical and spiritual advice of feeding the sheep and lambs as a discipleship tool as well as strategy for kingdom growth. More on that teaching later, but for now my challenge has been to have ‘breakfast with friends’ with as many people as possible. My personal challenge is to do that everyday this week with friends and strangers. I will give an update later this week on how that is going. As an introvert who doesn’t eat breakfast this will be a real challenge but by opening it up to anytime of day… Like a good breakfast should be! Think about Denny’s… Breakfast all day long. I invite you to do the same. So join me by eating with someone new everyday this week and use the hash tag #NCbreakfastwithfriends


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