Child-Like Faith

Over the holidays I have been watching my son and neices playing and exersizing their own versions of faith. This observation session has left me with a few thoughts.
1.Nothing is impossible – my boy Jude cannot walk yet and is experimenting with moving around. He currently thinks that if he crawls off the side of the bed he will magically end up on the floor. He will end up on the floor he just doesn’t realize the pain that comes through trial and error. The limits we know are completely foreign to him! We seem to put limitations on our faith that do not exist instead of on our reality.
What if Jude decided that he will never be able to leave the bed… he would be missing out on a wonderful world around him that is just waiting to be explored. Let’s not limit ourselves! ( see practical steps to increasing faith) We also fool ourselves when we think that we are immune to the pain that comes with learning… after all faith is a muscle.
2. Childlike faith keeps going and going! no matter how many times Jude falls while learning to walk, he is going to keep doing it until he gets it right! We will cheer for the learning babies, but for some reason when people tell us that we will never be healed, out of debt, at peace with our past or be fulfilled in our calling… we slowely start accepting this as truth.
Only God knows what the truth is when it comes to what will and what will not happen. Infact God’s first born said that we should be like children in our faith, I am going to start watching Jude more closely from now on. Mark 10


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