Thoughts on cashola

Luke 12:34 talks about where our cash is, there our hearts will be also. This has always been a condemning verse for me… because if we are being honest is my heart really in my flat screen? or my sofa? 

But let’s think about this differently for a minute. Let’s get out of our houses and condo’s and get into the things we support. When ever the word tithing is used there are two general responses. The first being “yea we do that”, or the second “here is why I don’t believe in tithing… I heard it on a podcast”. So forget the word tithing for a minute. Lets just use the word support. 

When we financially support or invest into something every week or month, we are making a statement. Our statement is “I believe in this enough to invest in it”. For some people they don’t even care that there is a spiritual or supernatural side to giving. For these people what they see is that there is a need that there church or ministry has and they want to meet it. Ok, hold that thought. 

So keep tracking over here now. Think about it from the ministry side of things. A church that is just starting up has two chances at financial survival. The first chance is a millionaire comes along and writes the cheque that buys all the latte machines and subwoofers that one could ever need. The second is for an small but dedicated army of people all give in accordance with what God has asked them to give and see the goals reached slower, but with more meaning. There is something special about watching growth happen before your very eyes! 

Which one is better? One achieves goals faster and has more staff. The other will take longer, have more hardships, more struggles but at the same time more commitment. 

My conclusion is this, instead of getting caught up in words like tithe, lets get caught up supporting what we believe in. If you feel like you are disconnecting from your church, give more this month and make sure to pray for it every single day. Where your thoughts (prayer) and heart (cash) are, your going to be there too. You can always take it one step further and find a way to get involved during the Christmas season! 


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