How do you know if you would be a good fit?

We are getting asked a lot about the Neighbourhood planting team and what type of person we are looking for. I guess the question you should ask is, if you were planting a church or leading a team, are you the type of person that you would want to work with?

Hybels talks about using 3 C’s in his selection process, these 3 C’s are becoming more and more important to me as well. The problem is when you ignore a C in the beginning hoping that it will change… and it doesn’t, the team and church suffers. So starting from a place of strength is good, or at least starting from a place where the C can be developed. 

Here are the C’s according to Hybels

Character – this one is pretty simple. You need to be committed to Jesus Christ and be committed to development as a leader and individual. 

In church planting if we aren’t committed to Christ and development a single team member can help the whole train fall of the rails or stay straight for years. Like the old says goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link. 

Competence – are you good at what you do? are you refined in your spiritual gifts? are you willing to be trained in new things and take on jobs you have never done? In the planting process there will be many things to do, most of them are going to be out of all of our comfort zones… do you say bring it on or find something else to do?

Chemistry – this one is very important. Do you get along with your leader? and do you get along with the rest of the team? Do you add life to the group or do you bring the mood of the room down? A positive emotional output is really important in maintaining the team balance and creating a culture where the gospel can be creatively spread in our city. 

So there it is, are you developing your walk with Christ? are you competent in your spiritual gifts? do you work well with the team around you? Are you willing to work harder than you ever have? I know it sounds like a lot but this is a BIG calling. 

If thats you, welcome to the Neighbourhood, let’s take this amazing journey together! 

more to come…



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