The Planting Team Grows

So we are underway in this process of planting a church. It seems like it is so far away but then when looking at the task lists it is hard to imagine that there is enough time.

The good and exciting news is that the Holy Spirit of God is speaking and we are moving ahead aggressively! God has been busy especially in the realm of building the team. From the very beginning we have felt that the team God brings together will be creative and unique. This will be a team of top quality individuals who are dedicated to Jesus and persuaded that the gospel needs to be spread in new and innovative ways in our city. In fact we are starting the creative process in the next couple of weeks for our first preview service in January!

Over the last month God has been talking to people and calling them to being church planters, this is exciting! Not just for Amberley and myself but there is so much excitement around what God is going to do in their lives during the planting process! We are still looking for a few key individuals for the planting process but we KNOW that God is already talking to them about coming to the Neighbourhood. Maybe its you? Maybe you have had a desire to church plant and never thought it could be you? I have some good news, we are all called to the spreading of the gospel and there is a place for you in the Neighbourhood.

We will keep you all posted when there are new details that are ready to release.

Coming up in September we are hosting a Vision Nite for Neighbourhood Church and we are going to be starting the Neighbourhood Fundamentals Bible Study in October! – – –


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