Catching Life

This week we had our parents vs youth baseball game, and of course the students won. But I was watching as families came from the fire pit over to the ball diamond, they all seemed comfortable in the environment. Everyone picked up a glove or bat and began going through the motions of warming up. No one told them to warm up, no one told them to throw the ball or hit it into the infield and make someone catch it. They just knew. I remember thinking all this and in my head sounding much like James Earle Jones as he talked during the movie Field of Dreams. 

The same type of thing happens in life, if we are surrounded by a certain idea, concept, or mentality long enough it becomes second nature for us. This goes with the friends we keep, what we listen to, what we watch on tv… the list goes on and on. We often think that our environment isn’t effecting us but it is. Like it or not you are a product of what you surround yourself with. 

Even for the families at the ball game, maybe not everyone has played ball before, but they would have seen it on tv, watched movies about it, or attended someones game. No matter how they came to their knowledge of baseball, it was there and ready to use at a moments notice. 

This week pay attention to the people around you, are they negative? dragging you down? and pay attention to what you listen to, is it really putting you on the right track? 


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