Planting beginnings

So the process has begun. Amberley, Jude and myself will be planting a church. There are a ton of details that we don’t know yet but there is still a good amount of excitement. The time frame of praying and dreaming is one that should never be rushed. After meeting with senior leaders from our fellowship, the church board and my senior pastor- I know that God is in this.

I read a quote recently that stated “I was never called to plant a church, but I was called to change a city”. Sometimes I feel like when we tell God that we will do anything we should put disclaimers in like: unless its to hard, unless everyone is going to think this is a good idea, unless there is a billion dollars attached… But in limiting God we would only be limiting what He wants to do in someone else’s life.

So to help answer some questions:

What we do know… We do know that God has called us to plant a new faith community in the city of Medicine Hat. We do know that we will not be planting a church with a team of hundreds, it will be a team of people simply dedicated to working hard and watching Jesus get famous. We do know that I will be staying on and doing what I love, that is student ministry. I have been given the privilege through this process of helping to build the church that I love, (incase you’re new thats First Assembly) while planting.

What we don’t know…

We don’t know exactly where. We are still working through locations and this could be a pretty long process to make sure that things are perfect. We don’t know when. We are working through all those options still but it will be in 2013. Vision like this takes a good amount of time to make sure that we don’t run faster than God is leading. We also don’t know exactly what things are going to look like or who is going to be apart of this dynamic team.

BUT what I do know is that this is going to require something from everyone reading this. Pray for our family and our church. God is doing something New and something Great in these next years.

Much more to come in the next coming days, weeks and months!


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