Try Failing

No one likes to fail, no one likes to be on a losing team or the guy always picked last. If you do, then you need counselling. 

Way to often we get stuck and refuse to try things because… well what if we fail? And all too often when it comes to telling people about Jesus or praying for a miracle… the stats are against us and we are pretty sure that we will fail before we even start. This last week I was reminded by a message from Denny Duron that God is always doing far more than we think He is. So if that is true… is our perceived failure when God asks us to do something really a failure?

What if our failure is success because God has called us to be obedient? Maybe obedience and the lessons learned are the success? What if we can’t gauge the effectiveness of God based on what we do or do not see. Of course it’s better if we do succeed and look good for the people around us… but let’s leave success up to God, not our status. 


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