Leaking Opportunities

On the way back from our district conference I went to put fuel in the car. I started pumping the gas and noticed that there was something wrong with the seal on the nozzle because there was fuel spilling on my shoes. I adjusted the nozzle a few times to stop the flow of gas destroying my favourite shoes and got to the point where the leak seemed to stop. I went into the store and informed the man behind the counter “your nozzle needs some maintenance, its spilling fuel on the ground” to which he responded “oh, its not a big deal”. I couldn’t get over the fact that he just didn’t care. I complained to Amberley about the idiot who doesn’t care about wasting fuel. There has to be something wrong with that. On some level there needs to be some sort of safety or quality control issue at stake here.

ImageOnce back on the highway driving towards Medicine Hat I started thinking about the gas spilling and how many times we don’t notice the people slipping through the cracks in our churches because we just simply don’t care. What if we started caring about those who are spilling and being ignored? Way to often we give the attention to the squeaky wheel… let’s start looking around for the guy who sneaks in the back and slips out quick… there has to be a reason. I would suggest that reason is that he needs Jesus to be real. Maybe the leaking is your neighbour who God keeps asking you to talk to. Maybe the leaking is in your own family, or a friend or a stranger you see daily. Whoever the leak is… it’s your job to stop it. After all it’s your life. So let’s take this as a great commission opportunity and stop the leaking.


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