Faith 2.0 – New Years Resolution


Faith is one of the hardest things to stick too. I know that I have spent much time and energy wanting something to happen… which just ends in disappointment. Even though what I want to happen is good and not evil, my agenda comes up short. I am not sure that I will ever hear a satisfactory answer to the question – why do some people get healed and some don’t. This question has plauged me my whole life as someone who is continuously believing for a miracle or healing. 

ImageMy recent conclusion has been simple and un-profound. Most likely just a reminder to myself. However, It is futile just thinking good thoughts or having positive thoughts. It comes down to belief. Do I believe that God is who He says He is? Is God Jehovah Rapha or not? If I believe that God is… then I need to stand on that belief, healing or no healing, miracle or no miracle. Faith is the substance of things unseen (Hebrews 11) , not what I can see. If I could see it… then I wouldn’t need faith and I wouldn’t have to put my trust in God for it… I could just trust myself. 

So my late new years resolution is simple, I am going to believe for the big things that God has placed in my heart. But more than just believing for myself I am believing stronger than ever for others as well. This is a good year to believe God to do big things! Let’s look to the future and what God is getting ready to do! 


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