Just get your row saved

Let’s talk about sharing the love of Christ. A relatively simple concept. I don’t want to argue the definition of saved right now just the action of evangelism.

We all think that we need to be the next Billy Graham or Judah Smith, we feel this deep desire to change thousands of lives in one shot. Realistically they didn’t get to where they are by starting with thousands. Thinking in thousands usually puts people backwards because … well where do you start?

What if we could  narrow our focus to our friends and the people at our schools and workplaces.

What if we could start looking at the people around us first. Each time we see them remember that a life without Christ is not worth living. Even start to pray that the Holy Spirit would make that apparent to us.

Soon this would turn into lifestyle evangelism and we wouldn’t be worried about the thousands, we would just be worried about the people around us and seeing our small group and row at church full.

If everyone started with their own row, collectively we would be changing the world around us.

The other option is we continue to do nothing and get more upset about paint colours and whose opinion is more important than the fact that our friends are going to hell.

“The Harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few” Jesus


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