Pizza Joint Ministry

I want my student ministry to resemble an old school pizza parlor. A good old fashioned one. Not the Chucky Cheese full of games type of place where it smells more like sweat and sick than pizza…  more like the family establishment. The type of place where you walk in and no matter how long it’s been, everyone still knows your name. The atmosphere might get tweaked but it’s always friendly and inviting. The type of place where you can’t wait to get back to.

It’s the type of place thats loud! Loud with color and inspiration. Loud with music. Loud with laughter and excitement.

You always know whats on the menu, it’s not like a buffet where you can choose something different each time, or have to worry about the quality. Have you ever had a nasty buffet experience? Who hasn’t. But you know that your about to get a pizza! The menu might be small but you know they do pizza right, the way you like it… the best pizza in the world! I have never met a person that doesn’t like pizza, high quality pizza goodness.

I envision the same for a good student ministry. Not like a buffet where we are trying to be everything to everyone and do a half cut job. But just focus on the things we do well and stay there. Quality and consistency is so important in life and in ministry. We need to know what God has gifted us to do and do that to the best of our abilities. It’s ok if we don’t cover all the bases, those things can be done by people who are gifted to do them. We are called to serve the best pizza available and we need to have the confidence that we serve the best in town!

So where do your giftings fall? Are you the athletic guy? the worship guy? the discipleship guy? or maybe your the relationship guy? The point is to be who Christ created you to be and build your ministry around your talents. Besides there is nothing wrong with collecting other people with a different gift mix to balance you out! Leaders always come to balance you out, you just keep serving the worlds best pizza!


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