Early Man + Creation + The beautiful game… I had some thoughts today.

For many folks discussions of creation and the beginnings of the earth has caused steam to come out of their ears while they digest or reject differing opinions. Spirit filled and or educated humans have dealt with these discussions with various levels of grace for one another. Usually about the same amount as when they … More Early Man + Creation + The beautiful game… I had some thoughts today.

Reflect and Correct

Reflection is painful for some and healing for others. It is our ability to self-critique that often points us in the right direction for the future. Imagine walking into the country and occasionally looking back to see what it actually looked like where you came from. Our scenery changes with each step and so does … More Reflect and Correct

The Greatest Leaders

The greatest leaders I know are not loud, published, or televised attention seekers. They don’t push their teachings or wisdom on people who are looking for a supernatural saviour and significant life change. They would never make it onto a list of ‘high capacity leaders’. They don’t assume that their name will carry them through … More The Greatest Leaders

Celebrating Murder

This week I want to talk about a sniper making the worlds longest distance shot, a murderous God, abortion and a harsh scripture. I am thinking or typing our loud today, so please bare with me. We are all comfortable saying that what happened in the name of God during the medieval crusades was terrible! … More Celebrating Murder